COP21 Agreement: Proving Envision Solar is in the Right Space at the Right Time

At Envision Solar, we’re committed to reducing global carbon footprint, driving on sunshine and providing zero impact and rapid deployment solar EV charging stations. The recent COP21 agreement proves that we’re in the right space and will continue to thrive as the adoption of EVs increases drastically in the coming years. Envision is at the forefront during major political and economic changes happening now, read on to learn more.

COP21: A ‘Green’ UN Climate Change Conference, from Electric Vehicles to the Power of Human Energy

After two weeks of intense talks in Paris, negotiators from 195 countries came to a last-minute agreement on Saturday. They agreed to attempt to cut greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will limit the global average temperature to a rise “well below” 2C (3.6F) compared to pre-industrial levels – a level of warming deemed to be the point when dangerous climate change could threaten life on Earth.

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Several eco-friendly options were available to get to and from the site, including 300 EVs provided by Renault-Nissan. According to Renault-Nissan, a total of 16.32 tons of carbon dioxide were diverted during the two weeks thanks to the initiative.

Following COP21, the leaders of the global auto industry have committed their companies to decarbonizing automotive transportation. In a recent public statement, 13 automotive CEOs promised to take specific actions to achieve that goal. The automotive industry is reaching a tipping point in convincing consumers to switch from fossil fuel driven cars to EVs. The recent emissions scandal has only highlighted interest in alternatives to fossil fuels technology.

Source: Envision Solar International, Inc.
Date: Dec 16, 2015