SunLink VP Kate Trono Debates Future of Tracker Technology at Greentech Media's U.S. Solar Market Insight 2015 Conference

SunLink Corporation's VP of Products and Services Kate Trono will take the stage today at Greentech Media U.S. Solar Market Insight 2015 Conference held in San Diego, Calif., from November 3-4. She will be joining other solar tracker players on the panel, Trackers Come of Age: Long-term Reliability and Performance Implications, discussing the advantages of complete tracker solutions that combine robust, proven mechanical and structural engineering designs with intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M) capabilities derived from a convergence of technologies.

 “As our industry looks at a post-2016 world, the tracker market must continue to advance without the influence of tax credits,” said Trono. “We believe the answer is to create turnkey solutions for our customer partners that offer a synergistic combination of reliable technology and services in order to ensure the largest long-term ROI dividends. The product design – including the mechanical system, electrical design and software that facilitates data analytics and remote controls – makes mounting partner selection the most critical part of a tracker project investment. Matching and measuring in-field performance to expectations is key. How else would one know if a system is functioning optimally?”

Trono continued, “On the panel today, I look forward to challenging many assumptions that exist for trackers, especially when it comes to long-term ownership. We know that as an industry we cannot continue down a path where trackers are simply monitored passively without any controls over tilt. Tracker troubleshooting and maintenance has so far failed to leverage the advantage of real-time data, and our industry in general has lagged behind in terms of software security and predictive analytics. We believe intelligent monitoring — Internet of things (IOT) sensor technology combined with data analytics and SunLink services — will propel the industry to new heights of operational efficiency, reliability and scalability. Including state-of-the-art monitoring and security technology as standard for our O&M service makes our product the tracker of choice due to the breadth and depth of our offering.”

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The tracker panel will take place today at 3:00pm Pacific as part of a full agenda at the Greentech Media U.S. Solar Market Insight 2015 Conference. Returning for its fifth year, the conference gathers the top minds in the U.S. solar industry to share data; dissect cost trends; discuss the future of project finance and business models; and more.

Source: SunLink Corporation's
Date: Nov 3, 2015