Smart Battery Enables 80 Percent Renewables on Greek Island of Tilos

A study by energy storage pioneer Younicos has found that the Greek island of Tilos could push the share of renewables in its energy mix beyond 80 percent by installing an intelligent battery. The island would thus dramatically reduce its costs for expensive fossil fuel-based power, which is currently transported to the island through an interconnection from the neighboring island of Kos via the island of Nisiros. The study even showed that the island could become an exporter of its excess wind and solar power. Additionally, the energy storage system will reduce load on the strained undersea cable, thus minimizing the risk of blackouts.

"Our results clearly show how an intelligent grid-forming battery system would allow the island to form a renewables-based microgrid," said Robert S. Manasse, Chief Consulting Officer of the Younicos Group. "Implementing storage with our intelligent software will enable Tilos to power itself solely from wind and solar energy, with the existing diesel plant used for back-up only. This project is also useful with respect to market development on other islands in the Mediterranean. Greece could significantly reduce its dependence on imported fossils fuels, while creating value at home by utilizing its abundant natural resources."

In conjunction with the island's 500 inhabitants, the TILOS ("Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage") consortium aims to create the first global blueprint for smart microgrids. The goal is to facilitate increased participation of renewable energy sources by optimizing the use of energy storage and demand-side management assets. TILOS is part of the EU's "Horizon 2020" program.

As a member of the consortium, Younicos is responsible for the development of the energy management system and for evaluating the technical and commercial feasibility of the TILOS project. The company recently presented the results of a "preliminary energy simulation," together with a "base case" study of the island's power grid using the Younicos Technology Center. Based on locally gathered data and real power flows, this unique facility validates the feasibility of grids using up to 100 percent renewable energy in any region of the world.

Source: Younicos Inc.
Date: Oct 28, 2015