NuScale Power and Ultra Electronics Announce Strategic Partnership

General News - Oct 19, 2015

NuScale Power LLC and Ultra Electronics are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership to support deployment of the NuScale Power Small Modular Reactor (SMR) fleet worldwide.

 The agreement brings Ultra Electronics’ expertise in reactor protection system design, nucleonics instrumentation, nuclear qualified sensors and associated in-core, specialty cabling to the NuScale design team. Rakesh Sharma, CEO of Ultra Electronics stated, “We are delighted to support the development of NuScale’s innovative SMR technology and look forward to developing this relationship.”

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Ultra Electronics will work closely with Rock Creek Innovations, a long standing NuScale strategic partner, on the development and deployment of the reactor protection system and other safety-related I&C systems for the NuScale SMR.

“I am pleased with the addition of Ultra Electronics to our expanding team of partners,” said John Hopkins, NuScale’s Chief Executive Officer. “Ultra Electronics’ knowledge and experience in the area of I&C systems will be a powerful asset to NuScale’s SMR design and deployment.”

NuScale Power recently hosted over 230 attendees, including representatives from Ultra, at its NuScale Exposition (also known as NuEx) in Corvallis, Oregon. A notable list of speakers emphasized the important environmental and economic benefits of NuScale’s baseload, carbon-free SMR technology. NuEx attendees were also provided with a rare look into NuScale’s test facilities.

Source : NuScale Power LLC

Published on Global Energy World: Oct 19, 2015


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