United States Emerging as Most Attractive LNG Supplier to Asian Markets

Recent reports by the International Energy Agency note that Canada will fail to have any liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects up and running before 2020, paving the way for United States suppliers to dominate.

Canada is presently competing with LNG projects in the United States that already have the distinct advantage of being developed around existing gas infrastructure, which reduces capital expenditure and makes permitting easier to secure.

New projects across the United States are progressing fast with their development towards exports, which most experts agree will amount to more 60 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG by the year 2024, making the United States the third largest exporter in the world. However, opportunities for Canada still remain if it acts fast and the federal government can form a consensus view to grant approval for export projects.

In three weeks' time, the world's largest gas and LNG event will bring together the project leaders and prospectors developing north American LNG exports to Asia - at the Gastech Conference & Exhibition in Singapore. The event is considered the world's most important event to develop business through the natural gas & LNG value chains and will be critical for both American and Canadian project developers to attend.

As the United States and Canada compete for multi-billion dollar LNG contracts, leading figures from both countries will be present to meet and develop business with major Asian consumers from Japan, Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, India, and the emerging markets of southeast Asia.

VIPs and leading speakers setting out the case for north America's LNG supply advantage will include: Robert Franklin, President of ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing; Pierre Breber, Executive Vice President of Chevron Gas & Midstream; Governor William Walker, State of Alaska; the Hon. Rich Coleman, Deputy Premier of the Government of British Columbia; the Hon. Michel Samson, Minister for Energy of Nova Scotia; plus leading chief executives representing US projects including: Jordan Cove LNG, Annova LNG, Delphin LNG, Texas LNG, Golden Pass and more.

Gastech Conference & Exhibition is hosted by BG Group. The event is supported by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) Singapore, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and the Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau (SECB), and will be held in association with the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW).

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: Oct 7, 2015