BlueNRGY Acquires Draker Solar Energy Monitoring Platform

BlueNRGY Group Limited, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the monitoring platform and certain other assets of Draker, Inc. ("Draker"), the leading independent provider of monitoring and data management services to the U.S. solar industry. BlueNRGY will continue to offer best-in-class systems and services to measure and optimize the performance of solar power generation facilities under the Draker name.

BlueNRGY Executive Chairman William Morro said, "The Draker transaction is an important step in positioning BlueNRGY as the leading independent provider of monitoring and data management services serving the renewable energy sector globally. We continue to redefine the standards in this industry and raise the bar for our competitors. Consistent with Draker's philosophy, we are committed to ensuring consistent and reliable deliverables across large portfolios and to our customers on all five continents we currently serve."

The closing of the transaction ensures that all Draker customers can continue to receive an uninterrupted flow of data from systems previously installed by Draker. Everett McGinley, Draker's Executive Chairman, stated, "On behalf of the entire Draker team, I want to thank our customers for their trust and loyalty in recent weeks while Draker's sale process was pending. I'm proud to say that uninterrupted service has been and will continue to be available for all of our customers and 100% of customer monitoring data has been and will be securely retained and accessible to customers. Moreover, our highly trained staff members will continue to service the Draker customers going forward. These are the core strengths that made Draker a leader in North America and will carry over to the international operations of BlueNRGY."

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Draker currently receives and compiles operating performance and other pertinent data at more than 2GW of solar PV installations at approximately 2,000 sites in the Americas, Japan and Europe. Its system monitoring and control solutions have gained wide acceptance for their reliability, durability and accuracy and the capacity of PV solar assets managed with Draker's systems has more than doubled in the last three years. Draker installations range in size from tens of kW to more than 30MW and clients include individual system owners, developers, asset managers and utilities.

The combined BlueNRGY and Draker monitoring and data analytics business for the U.S. will operate from Draker's current location in Burlington, VT and the substantial majority of the Draker employees located there will be employed by BlueNRGY.

Emmanuel Cotrel, Senior Vice President of BlueNRGY and founder of its leading-edge data monitoring and analytics business, said, "BlueNRGY was created to offer massively scalable, high-impact information solutions to allow customers to efficiently assess and optimize the performance of complex geographically-dispersed renewable energy systems. This transaction will accelerate the availability of those capabilities to Draker customers and will allow them to quickly benefit from significant software upgrades and additional services. It will also allow BlueNRGY to build on Draker's rich legacy of proprietary firmware, patents and engineering technology that enables data loggers, sensors and field equipment to reliably and accurately acquire data from customer power plants and deliver it to our state-of-the art data analytics engine."

Source: BlueNRGY Group Ltd
Date: Sep 17, 2015